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BBReview.net is free statistics and analytics tool, where you can find information about every blog or forum.

We have prepared literally everything you would possibly need checking any website reviews & feedback. If you still miss something, let us know and we will try to include it in service's future updates.


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Everything in www.bbreview.net is properly named and categorized. In case you don't find the answer to your question in F.A.Q. section, our support is here to help! Test free website valuation checker aka domain worth calculator online. Discover any web price estimation with webpage traffic analyzer.


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We have made this website reviews finder aka domain reputation checker with focus on future client customization. You get tons of information about chosen site here, many user reviews and statistics for even easier exploring. Use website reputation calculator and see tons of domain reviews, traffic and valuation. See any site worth calculation, the tool is also known as domain value estimator.



For more details you can visit ABOUT section, some additional benefits of suing our service are given below. Forget about register and simply test this website reputation scanner online, see web traffic and earnings calculator, loss revenue, daily earning and much more. Get info about the owner, IP location with DNS records and full visitors by country. Use our traffic estimation to calculate potential revenue of a www service. We know that every address is unique. Try our website traffic checker free online tool to check websites & domains worth with no cost. If you only want to get an idea of worth of your website/domain name, you should use Simple Website Worth Calculator helps you to find your website value, estimated domain traffic or your domain value. It's not easy to calculate and estimate a web value exactly. We estimate price with using several information with gathering, collecting and analyzing data from many internet resources. To estimate the worth of a website, our script calculates with its own unique algorithm.

If you want to sell or buy blog, forum you'll probably need to know estimated rank, website reputation, multiple stats, user opinions and scam detector and that's why you could check domain earnings estimator. And maybe your blog worths thousands. Maybe you don't even think about to sell your site, but don't miss your chance, just calculate estimated website price and put it into your site to catch somebody who may want to interest with your web site and give you great offer. The Number One website value calculator script and Domain Name Value appraisal tool that will allow you to collect vital information about your www worth from various sources and make it available to the visitors. The way a domain value checker or website value is calculated depends on some specific factors. Website value estimator might be helpful in many situations, but if you have some time, you can easily check prices of most popular blogs of forums on the world.

Look carefully into some important information which are available online and the most important factors are: Unique Daily Visitors, Page Views, Google Page Rank, Backlinks, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast, Social mentions on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Bookmarking on Delicious, StumbelUpon, Digg, Reddit etc. Before you buy anything, always the best idea is to investigate the potential of service. Do not wait and use website worth estimator free before you decide to sell your www service. his free calculator will give you a pretty good estimate of what your www is worth. There are a lot of intangibles that can affect the final price of your ex. forum, but this will at least give you a starting point. BBreview is the perfect place to evaluate any website. When choosing to buy or sell a web having the proper info about your move can be crucial to your success. This domain worth calculator is dedicated to finding all pertinent details that may pertain to your personal interest. And it's 100% FREE! We hope that you find www.bbreview.net helpful and that you will return when you need us again. Please notice that the information offered by this legit domain worth estimator is not guaranteed to be 100% Accurate and is offered as reference only. To be clear, further research and conformation of claims are advised before any substantial investment. Welcome to the most powerful website value checker in the Internet! Generate tons of useful information about any url in a few seconds.

Domain value calculator can be used for old and also completely fresh sites created even today! No payments, no hidden costs and no worries about register. This is probably the simplest and quick online tool to check website cost instantly. Additionally, you will receive many helpful stats, traffic and earnings calculation with completely seo report. BBreview is called Website Valuation Calculator because we deliver updated info on any domain and we are able to check how much is your site worth in marketplace. We suggest using website reviews searcher to get huge list of visitor reviews on your site. It might be very helpful for webmasters, some sites are scam, fake or blacklisted/virused. Our domain reputation checker is always ready to indicate bad blogs. Usually we work for Webmasters and General Internet Users who wants to retrieve information related with Domain Name, IP Address, Web Server and Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. We offer amazing tool that provides various statistical reports for any URL like Search Engine Reports, Traffic Reports, Social Engagement, Safety, Host Information, WHOIS, Page Speed etc.



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  • - Fewer words is better, ideally your name would be a single word.
  • - Using common prefixes/suffixes (i-, my-, e-) can decrease the value of your name.
  • - Sometimes spelling means that visitors will have a hard time remembering your name.
  • - Difficult pronunciation can prevent people from talking about your web.
  • - This number shows how important Google thinks your website is. You will need to install the Google Toolbar to get this number.
  • - Alexa traffic rank gives a good estimate of the popularity vs the rest of the internet.
  • - The more bloggers that link to you, the better. Each incoming link backlink is a valuable asset.
  • - Number of unique visitors that you have in a month is important. With this tool you can estimate the number of customers you have.
  • - We present the number of pages that you show in a month. Sessions is the number of pages viewed per user.
  • - Websites valuator awaiting you. We only list the number of years that the blog has been in use. If the name was parked for two years before you developed it, don't count that.
  • - Notice that being listed in the Yahoo Directory can drive a lot of aditional traffic and is a big stamp of approval. Remember this is different from being listed in the Yahoo search engine.
  • - Naturally, if your site shows on the first page of a search you will get more organic visitors. Check this box only if you are on the front page for a relevant keyword to your business.
  • - Current income is a large factor in evaluating the value of websites because it shows that your business is already successful.
  • - Diversity helps protect your own income from a downturn in a particular source.
  • - Advertising revenue is usually more vulnerable than other sources.
  • - It is pretty hard to set yourself apart from the crowd if the crowd is really impressive. It's obvious the more competitors you have, the more work it takes to stay on top.
  • - Patents and trade secrets help in protection of your intellectual property and put you ahead of the competition.
  • - Getting a registered trademark should be the first step towards building a strong brand and this also proves that the name you have is unique and relevant.
  • - Having anythng unique helps set you apart from the crowd and makes your sites more valuable.

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